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Alpha bones candy: ABC Tanka Poetryfor Tots - LP Camozzi

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Auteur: LP Camozzi

Titre: Alpha bones candy: ABC Tanka Poetryfor Tots

Livre en anglais

Alpha bones candy est un nouveau livre ABC de l’auteur Montréalais Lp Camozzi. Trouvez des objets cachés dans ce livre éducatif. Vous pouvez le colorer aussi.

LP Camozzi's alpha bones candy: ABC Tanka Poetryfor Tots, his third children's picture book, is an interactive publication consisting of tanka by LP Camozzi, black and white illustrations by his son, Zach, and questions that invite children (and adult readers) to locate various items within the illustrations.

The tanka are minimalist creations, with many lines consisting of only one word. The succinctness is typically accompanied by humor and a child's perspective, with the illustration contributing to the total experience through its parallel wit. The result is a visual and auditory invitation to explore, enjoy, and learn.

There is nothing commonplace about this ABC book. A is for much more than an apple.

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